"Genesis: The Book of Beginnigs" - Series

Pastor Russ is teaching from Genesis, in this series entitled: The Book of Beginnings. 


Gensesis is a book of beginnings, we see the beginning of:

- Time and History, the Universe,  our Planet.

- Mankind,  the Family,  Worship,  Sin,  Death, and Redemption.


We learn that God is the answer to the life important questions:

- Where Did We Come From?

- Why Are We Here?

- Where Are We Going?

Parts 16-30

Parts 1-15

Current Messages

Part 16 - The Tale of Abram and Lot

Part 17 - Following God In Times of Struggle

Part 18 - Overcoming Fear by Trusting God

Part 19 - Patiently Waiting on God

Part 20 - Choosing to Believe the Promises of God

Part 21 - An Encounter With God

Part 22 - Reflecting on Our View of God

Part 23 - Seek Righteousness More Than the World

Part 24 - Moving Towards Victory

Part 25 - Dealing with Conflict

Part 26 - Obedience

Part 27 - Faith in the Future of God's Promises

Part 28 - God Guides, as We Are Faithful to His Word

Part 29 - Passing on the Promises of God

Part 30 - Accomplishing God's Will, God's Way