"Joshua - Victorious" - Series

Pastor Russ is teaching on living a "Victorious" life! He will be teaching out of the book of Joshua.

Join us as we learn spirtual principles how how to live a victorious life!  We do not fight for the VICTORY, we fight from a place of VICTORY!

This Week's Sermon: Part 13 - Going On for God!

Part 12 - The Cities of Refuge

Part 11 - When Time Stood Still

Part 10 - Reclaiming Lost Ground

Part 9 - Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Part  8 - Lessons From Jericho

Part  7- The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Part 6 - The Briefing Before the Battle

Part 5 - Rocks of Remembrance

Part 4 - Walk into the Water

Part 3 - Rahab's Ribbon of Redemption

Part 2 - The Call to Courageous Faith - 2

Part 1 - The Call to Courageous Faith - Click HERE <---